In the credit card world, if you’re not top of mind, you’re not top of wallet. American Express and MasterCard were becoming the most talked about brands in the Financial Services category, and Visa was falling behind. It was time to up our game.
Our challenge was to get people to share Visa’s story and see us as more than a deal-touting financial brand. To earn their endorsement, we had to connect them with what they were passionate about, inspiring them to go after the extraordinary experiences they craved.

Industry research showed that brands have only 6.5 seconds to get their point across before losing consumers’ attention. But with the right storyteller, that’s more than enough time.

The solution? #GoInSix. 6-word stories, 6-picture vignettes, 6-second films helping consumers go do what they love -- more quickly, smoothly, and easily than ever before. Every month, we used a predictive model to anticipate what people would be talking about and when, then designed our content for the share.

We created a conversation about Visa, shifted its focus from transactions to passions, and were shared more widely than almost all lifestyle brands on social media. Within 7 months, #GoInSix delivered an average of 36,848 likes, comments & shares per post, resulting in 348MM earned impressions.

Visa’s Facebook Unmetric score jumped from 7th place (56) to 1st place (72) in the financial services category, but more impressively, 2nd when compared to all top-ranked lifestyle competitors…outdone by only the magic of Walt DisneyWorld.

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