3M is a conglomerate manufacturer of over 55,000 unfinished and finished products across multiple divisions. No consistent story had been told uniting 3M innovations, in context of socio-economic issues, nor collaborating with business and government leaders.

We sought to elevate brand perceptions of business and world leaders about how 3M can make people’s lives safer and healthier.

Bloomberg leveraged the full suite of its intelligence, industry experts, and marketing services to investigate the role safety plays in improving the global economy.Whether it’s enabling autonomous vehicles, constructing mega-cities, or protecting first responders, safety is interconnected, requiring new industries to work holistically, not independently - leading to the belief that safety is not just a requisite, but drivers of social and economic progress.

We created an integrated campaign showing how “safety is a springboard for progress.” 3M launched as a founding partner of Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum, a global initiative and media platform that harnesses the influence and expertise of business and government leaders to solve key societal challenges. The campaign lived across Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum event and media coverage (including China) in digital, social, TV, podcasts, print, on-site, and speaking opportunities.

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