I am very proud to have launched the inaugural Bloomberg New Economy Forum, one of the most significant and important initiatives of not just my career, but the entire mission of Bloomberg.

The New Economy Forum is an annual global summit, solutions program, and media platform dedicated to solving global socio-economic challenges. Composed of a diverse community of the world’s most influential leaders across business and government, thinking, innovating and working together to create the thriving, inclusive global economy of the future.

We are living at a pivotal moment in history. Economic power is shifting dramatically from the West to new economies. New markets, new leaders, and new industries exercise unprecedented influence over the course of economic change on the global scale. Key challenges in trade, global governance, urbanization, climate change, financial inclusion, robotics and AI are critically important for all leaders to understand and have a plan for how to stay ahead.

While truly a massive operation, I served a leadership role as the managing director for 10 prestigious founding partners’ (3M, MasterCard, Hyundai, Microsoft, Exxon, HSBC, Fedex) brand strategy, thought leadership narrative, creative development, content production, and media execution. My role was to own the marketing relationship and find the intersection between each company’s business priority or brand territory and our editorial expertise. Each brand is a global leader with an important POV to share. I helped each find their journalistic voice and develop compelling stories across all Bloomberg’s media platforms, ad capabilities, event presence and speaking opportunities.

The summit was a phenomenal success with a $4T aggregate marketing cap represented by participants and 3.7B total impressions across all media coverage for the Forum itself.

The media platform became a fixture of Bloomberg’s editorial coverage focused on New Economy perspectives with insight from fresh voices around the world. In the most distinctly Bloomberg way, we aimed to reach business decision makers with data, intelligence, and context necessary to lead in this new future.

Each founding partner received extraordinary impact on their brand perceptions, especially for highly visible, mature brands and among an elite, market moving audience. Every brand who participated received 10-20% increase in brand familiarity, buzz, consideration, advocacy. 

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