Visa's objective was to introduce a new brand positioning, Everywhere You Want to Be, within a significant and relevant sponsorship - the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The challenge was breaking through a media landscape dominated by the same stories of athletic glory we'd come to expect and the record-breaking, gravity-defying, drama-filled performances that flood our televisions and newsfeeds.

To own the conversation, we had to change it.  Our research showed that it’s not only athletes’ superhuman feats that make them inspiring, it’s the underlying truth that we’re all powered by the same basic drive.

So we featured actual fans and athletes in an unfiltered setting, bringing consumers closer to the games – letting the inspiration hit closer to home.

The Results: The most talked about brand at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Visa won the share of brand-related Olympic conversations with 40% brand mentions surpassing P&G (27%) and McDonalds (18%), gaining almost 30 million earned impressions.

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