Olay 'Challenge What’s Possible' Campaign - Saatchi & Saatchi - China

China is in a state of constant change and progress. Men and women are discovering new opportunities and seizing them without restraint.  The chance for personal growth seems limitless. Yet when it comes to skin, beliefs are cast ins tone and futures are pre-destined.  Women, with the support of Olay, will challenge these conventions and open hearts and minds to what is now possible from skin.

For the launch of the RegeneristAnti-Aging night cream during the New Year's period, we posed the challenge, isit possible for us to wake younger as the rest of the world gets older?

We created a transmedia campaign tocelebrate 2011 like it was 2001.  Bycommitting to the story of wishing Chinese women a ‘Happy 2001’ the typographicerror/beautiful dream was reported by over 40 news channels and to the delightof thousands of online discussions. 

The goal was to differentiate Olay’s high-end whitening skincare line in a category caught-up in a word and imagery game depicting ideal fairness.

Our solution was to reframe the meaning of fair skin by focusing on its motivation, the pursuit of self-improvement in a Chinese culture of limitless potential.

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